Welcome to Catherine Kidd Nutrition.

Catherine is a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, specialising in maternal, infant and childhood nutrition. She believes that having a healthy family is crucial to having a happy family. Through workshops and 1-to-1 consultations, Catherine educates and motivates people to improve their diet and that of their families. Catherine really enjoys helping her clients on their journey to improved health.

The first 1000 days from conception until the 2nd birthday of your child is a key window for development. Quality nutrition during pregnancy can protect your child from developing some chronic diseases, deficiencies  and determine the risk of birth-related complications. Appropriate weaning can effect their food choices throughout their life. So getting appropriate information about maternal and infant nutrition really is essential for the future health of your child.The idea that your choices now can affect their health in later life is a potentially terrifying but really exciting thought!

Ready to take control of you and your families’ diet and improve your health? Contact Catherine Kidd Nutrition for a no obligation discussion and start today.

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